Winners! for Toddlers to PreK

  • Winners! CollectionsPLUS for Toddlers to PreK features the cumulative award history of award-winning title selected on the year the award was won the total number of awards won by the title. Titles included in the collections are selected from the Winners! representing the Institution Awards that feature titles for Toddlers and are currently in Winners! Bookfinder database.

  • Award-winning titles include all titles that won the Book Award and those that won the honor level, 2nd place level and other similar designations used by the awards program. Each Collection features the designated Winners! from the Institution Awards and Young Readers Choice Awards from it first award until 2015.

  • Click on the Collection of your choice to access its Winners! BrowserPLUS which features three perspectives...browse the list from both award types or browse the list by one award type: Institution Awards (IA) or Young Reader Choice Awards (YR).

The 21st Century Winners! BrowserPLUS for Toddlers to PreK
  • Winners All - Toddlers to PreK - 1PLUS Awards - 2000-2016 - 44 Titles - 21st Century