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When you purchase the Start with the Winners! Series, you’ll be able to find award-winning books through TWO programs – Winners! BookfinderPLUS and Winners! CollectionsPLUS.

I.  About Winners! BookfinderPLUS and the Winners! BookviewPLUS 

Access Winners! BookfinderPLUS of over 5,000 award-winning books where you choose a search by title, author, illustrator and plus numerous search options by genre, subject, multicultural, years/decade, ascending/descending data, with options to view your lists from Three Perspectives.   A Winners! BookviewPLUS will be generated for each title in your list. 

II.  About Winners! CollectionsPLUS and the Winners! BrowserPLUS

Each Winners! CollectionPLUS features a genre collection that produces its Winners! BrowserPLUSa unique list of award-winning titles by genreand grade group that can be viewed from Three Perspectives.  Each title in a collection  links to its Winners! BookviewPLUS that includes bibliographic and award information.

Purchase a 1-year membership to Start with the Winners! Series for $759*.  Option to purchase and full usage will be available beginning in January, 2016.  As a member you will have full and unlimited usage of both programs. During the year, the new award-winning titles – from both the current awards programs and the new awards programs - will be added to the derivative-based products. For every book you discover through Winners! BookfinderPLUS and Winners! CollectionsPLUS, the title will link to its Winners! BookviewPLUS that includes bibliographic information about the book, plus information about the award(s), and access to additional Winners! BookviewPLUS for any other book(s) won by the author and/or illustrator.  Our Winners! BookviewPLUS has many unique features to meet your needs.

See the table below to learn more about what is included in the Winners! BookviewPLUS.

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Winners! BookviewPLUS Contents

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Database of over 4,000 award-winning books Check

I. Bibliographic Information for Each Title

Author & Illustrator Names Check
Year First Published Check
Genre & Subject(s) Check
Bookbrief Check

II. Award Information for Each Title

Cumulative list of Institution Awards won Check
Cumulative list of Young Readers' Choice Awards Check
Award name, category or grade group, award level, and year won for each award received Check
Young Readers' Choice Award information for each award Check
Award(s) for current year Check

III. PLUS Winner's BookviewPLUS for each additional Winner!

A list of additional award-winning title(s) by the author Check
A list of additional award-winning title(s) by the illustrator Check
Each title in the PLUS lists links to its BookviewPLUS Check