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Every place has a story to tell.                              had its beginnings in 1987 at the annual International Reading Association conference.  While listening to Dr. Theodore Clymer speak of the important role the instructional materials used for teaching reading skills play in motivating young readers to read the whole book from which the selections used in those materials are excerpted.  An attendee sitting nearby grumbled..."not instructional materials available for whole books!"

Many years passed but the words “not possible” didn’t.  Having worked in product development for many years, the idea of a product to meet this need seemed possible but least until the onset of the Internet.  The opportunity of taking this "comment" to a product concept level surfaced for developing “products” no longer meant you had to manufacture, warehouse, and ship.  Downloads and pdfs were the buzz words as web designers and curriculum developers rushed to take center stage in the online instructional resources business.  In 1997, joined the crowd with the start of the Bookfolio Series, a  literature-based resource including activity and reading guides written by educators that include 150 titles 75 of which had to have won at least one book award to be included in the series.  Thus began the need for further database development and more research into the institution awards as well as the young readers' choice award programs. 

Winners! Bookfinder has grown to include all the winners representing 43 Institution Awards and with new awards programs coming online each year.  Concurrently the Young Readers' Choice Awards have spread across country with 48 states participating to now include 85 Young Readers’ Choice Awards with the expectation that new awards will be added to states that may eventually expand their coverage to include K-12 grade levels.  With such widespread popularity for book awards programs, it was time to add to a "resource" driven product generated by our database...a-ready-to-use "product/resource" designed to meet specific needs.  Winners! Bookfinder, with its database of over 4,000 award-winning titles, served as the search engine for the Winners! Booklist Series, ready-to-use for each of 5 Grade Groups from Toddlers to Teens.  The second series to derive from Winners! Bookfinder is our Winners! Bookfinder Series with its user search options that enable them to create unique booklist. to appeal to a wide variety of age groups, curriculum needs, and readers' interests.  Each Winners! Booklist includes the Three Perspectives options enabling the user to create a booklist that features one of there perpsectives...the Institution award-winners or the Young Readers' Choice award-winners, or both award types.  Winners! Bookfinder is based on search options given the user to createa customized booklist of titles.  In both series a click on any book title will produce basically the same results...a Bookview featuring the cumulative award history of the title plus more! 

At we start posting new book award winners each January with the Newbery Award and the Caldecott Award Winners!…and many more award Winners! announced in January.   The Winners! that accumulate throughout the year are included in the current year's winners" updates that are posted online and available to both visitors and members of Winners! Bookfinder.  The story of continues with new beginnings each year as the technology of the Internet continues to grow stirring the imagination to keep pace with progress!

Rita A. Arpaia, Founder and President

Literature Resources Online LLC